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Tip: How to remove a GoPro battery

Posted by Matt on November 22nd, 2012 filed in Handy Hints
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The GoPro cameras are a great invention, opening up whole new areas of outdoor photography for activities enthusiasts. Like all technology though they have their foibles, and removing the battery is a bit of a pain! Most suggestions on the internet talk to how to prepare your battery to get it out easily – either by attaching a small piece of electrical tape at the back end as a tab, or laying a piece of ribbon underneath across the middle – both seem to work – but what if you’re a newbie who just put the battery in straight away?

The official solution is to ‘pinch the sides of the battery and pull out – this is great if you have superhuman pinching strength, which apparently I don’t. What worked for me was to get a rubberised flat surface – dry washing gloves work a treat, though I used a rubberised edge to a diving shirt which is more likely to hand if you dive – making sure it’s dry (this is electricity) wrap the rubberised side across the battery and pinch through the rubber to get much stronger grip on the battery – then pull up. The battery is now easily removed and you can apply some of the preventative measures suggested earlier.

As an aside, this tip was adapted from one learnt years ago for opening tightly closed jars. You can even buy special rubber jar opening grips which are always handy to keep in the kitchen drawer 😉

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Exhibition: Philip Lee Harvey @ The AOP

Posted by Matt on April 22nd, 2010 filed in Photo Exhibitions, Photo Inspiration, Photographers, Travel Photography
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Wonderfully ethereal, yet grounded travel photography from a master of his art. Philip Lee Harvey has a show on called ‘Travelling Light’ at the AOP right now. The images are certainly not just your standard travel photos. Harvey has a great combination of stillness and evocative rendering in all his images, taken from a lifetime of travelling around the world. At this time when ash over the UK has taken travel away from a large number of us, it’s great to remember why we go away in the first place.

The ‘Travelling Light’ exhibit runs from yesterday until 1st May 2010 at the AOP in London

. So hurry on down.

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All the Best for 2009

Posted by Matt on December 25th, 2009 filed in Digital Photography Hints & Tips
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As most of us enjoy a chilly holiday break, all of us here at Digital Photography Hints wish you a very happy year ahead, in fact a very happy new decade.

Hopefully you all got the wonderful camera gifts and presents that you hoped for. Or at the very least had plenty of opportunity to practice your camera skills on family and friends. Now is a great chance to think about how your photographic ability has improve over the last year, if not the last decade, and how you want it to get better in the coming years. Maybe you could put together a portfolio of your personal favourite images to share with others. Or you could think up a great photo project to stretch yourself in the next year.

Whatever you decide to do, thank you for reading Digital Photography Hints. Have a great 2010!

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Canon S90: First Impressions

Posted by Matt on November 1st, 2009 filed in Camera Buying Guide, Camera Reviews, Classic Cameras, Digital Photography Hints & Tips
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Last weekend I was lucky enough to be over in New York for a few days so as usual I headed to the ever wonderful B & H on 32nd/9th to check out the latest cameras. It transpired that the PhotoPlus exhibition was on round the corner, which meant the store was busy even by their standards as many smiley faced photographers wandered round what is, for most of us, some kind of photo heaven!

Canon S90

My goal on this visit was simple.. either bite the bullet and get the wonderful Canon 5D Mk II, Canon’s full frame SLR camera that has been getting rave reviews and has been incredibly hard to get until now, or to find a replacement for my beloved Canon G7 – ideally a pocket camera something more akin to the Yashica T4 Super (a great little point and shoot film camera). After some drooling at the Canon demo stand over the 5D Mk II, a glance at the Canon G11
and a brief fight to get a look at the new Canon 7D
– a very random release indeed that seems to be focussed on HD video more than photography – I plumped for getting a new point and shoot.

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Search for Matching Images Online

Posted by Matt on September 25th, 2009 filed in Handy Hints, News, Photographers Rights
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A new site, TinEye, has been launched in Beta that lets you search for images that match, or match part of, a source image you provide. This differs hugely from Google’s text based image search which relies on the person uploading an image and putting appropriate keywords around the image to help find it.

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