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Digital Photography Hints is the offspring of Matt Hobbs’ love of photography and the Internet. This site acts as a repository for the various handy hints and tips that I’ve found over the years while taking way too many photos.

This site is a work in progress, and hopefully constantly getting better. If you have any suggestions for improvement or requests for articles to be written then please drop me a line at editor at this domain. Or just add a comment to the relevant post and I’ll answer there for all to see.

Thanks for coming to visit my site – I hope you find it useful! Matt

Advertising on this Site

Digital Photography Hints receives a regular audience of dedicated digital photographers of all levels. Our advertising is currently managed by Google AdSense, so you can advertise on this site using Google’s AdWords program.

We can offer sponsorship places to advertisers with serious offers. To contact us simply write a comment against any blog post and we will be in touch with you (your post will not be displayed, but picked up by our moderators).

Terms of Use

Digital Photography Hints presents information purely for entertainment purposes. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss to yourself or your photo equipment for any activity relating to our posts. Please take good care of yourselves and your cameras!

Privacy Policy

Digital Photography Hints collects information freely offered by your browser when you visit the site. This information is used by our web analytics packages to track site visitors and provide a better service to you. Additionally our advertising partners will collect information and possibly leave cookies in your browser. By using this site you acknowledge and authorize this information collection and tracking.