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The Most Popular Digital Point and Shoot Cameras

Posted by Matt on November 18th, 2007 filed in Camera Buying Guide, Digital Photography Hints & Tips

Choosing a digital camera is a very personal process if you take any interest at all in what photos you take and how good they are. The way a camera feels in your hand, whether it’s handy enough to be in your pocket at the right moment or how good the zoom is, all affect what type of photos you take and how well they turn out. That said there’s a lot in the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to help you at least work out which cameras to try. So how do you find out which digital cameras are popular these days?

Well thankfully Flickr has a great feature that breaks down which cameras are being used right now to take the many photos that are uploaded to their site as you can see below:

Popular Point and Shoot Cameras

The graph above shows the most popular point and shoot cameras on Flickr at the moment. Canon cameras are over-whelmingly the most popular, with a single Sony camera (the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200) making it into the top five.

  1. Canon Powershot SD400

  2. Canon PowerShot SD600
  3. Sony Cybershot DSCP200

  4. Canon PowerShot S400

  5. Canon Powershot A520

Why is Canon so popular? Well they are easy to use, give a good set of powerful features for a reasonable price, and they just work well. The Sony Cybershot cameras are notable generally for their lens quality, as Sony has partnered with Carl Zeiss on many cameras, but you are forced to buy the Sony proprietary memory sticks which can only be used with Sony cameras – not so good if you are a non-Sony family.

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