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Handy Hint #1: New Camera Receipts

Posted by Matt on February 6th, 2008 filed in Camera Buying Guide, Digital Photography Hints & Tips, Handy Hints

When we treat ourselves to a new camera there’s lots of exciting things to do… unpack the box, work out which of the many extra small pieces need to attach to the camera and, assuming the battery is pre-charged, turn it on and take our first ever photo. Then comes the fun of getting familiar and comfortable with our now camera toy/tool – learning how to change the settings, working out how the flash responds and all the rest.

Now stop for a moment, get out your camera receipt, the side of the camera box that shows the serial details and the warranty guide and take a photo of them all – and any other  guarantee related materials. Make sure the photos are in focus – and send it to yourself in an email on some handy, secure online email service like Gmail with a sensible subject like ‘New Camera Receipt for Canon G9’. You might also want to take this moment to register your camera online along with the serial number. OK, you can go back to playing now.

Why do this? Well there may come the day that your new camera decides to not behave and you have to send it back for a warranty repair. This is a painful enough process, as although repairs are generally free while under warranty, you’ll be without a camera for upwards of two weeks (unless you’re very lucky). But imagine the scenario that you come to get your camera repaired and realise you can’t find the receipt.. or that you’ve moved and the receipt is trapped in storage somewhere. Nightmare. And that’s exactly what’s just happened to me – my Canon G7 lens has decided to stick halfway in/out and it turns out my receipt is in storage elsewhere. Oops. This now means a $150 charge to pay for the repair since I can’t prove my warranty. Double oops. So please learn from my mistake, and take a ‘backup’ of your receipts just in case.

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