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Making Money from Photos: PhotoShelter

Posted by Matt on March 12th, 2008 filed in Digital Photography Hints & Tips, Photo Storage, Selling Photos

UPDATED 2008-09-16: Unfortunately PhotoShelter have just announced that they will no longer be offering stock photography sales from their service. This means this article is now somewhat out of date and you should not sign up for PhotoShelter if you wish to sell your stock photos, they are however still offering photo storage services.

I’ve recently joined up to PhotoShelter, a relatively new service that specializes in off-beat stock photography. They have a great looking selection of images, both in terms of traditional editorial stock and also relevant news images. Plus from a photographer’s perspective they offer you 70% of every sale made of your images.

Before you can get your photos into the melee of images they offer you have to upload 5-10 trial images for them to review and see if your photography is up to the basic standards they require. These photos also need to be taken by at least a 4 mega pixel camera, or an equivalent scan size. Once in there and approved, you can add titles, descriptions and tags to your hearts content and set the pricing (Rights Managed or Royalty Free) that you prefer or think your photos are worth – a much harder question to answer! Luckily PhotoShelter also has a friendly and informative forum that discusses a lot of what you need to know as an aspiring stock photographer.

As I’ve only just started using the service I will keep you up to date on how it works for me and anything that you might find useful or interesting. So far it’s been a highly straight-forward and well built experience. The next step for me is to find out how well it integrates with Adobe’s Light Room photo management software, which recently won my own personal ‘Aperture vs. Lightroom’ battle – more on that to come soon.

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