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Stock Photos: What Not to Shoot!

Posted by Matt on June 18th, 2008 filed in Digital Photography Hints & Tips, Handy Hints, Selling Photos

Ever feel that you can sell your photos for money? Want to turn that hobby into a money making career? Well in some ways it’s easier now than ever with digital cameras cutting out the cost and investment needed when using film cameras, anyone can sign up for some of the many online stock photography sites, publish a few photos and wait for the cash to come rolling in. Woo!

Or is it really like that? By the same argument, if anyone can submit stock photography then the competition for your cute photo of a kitten is much higher than it used to be. Maybe their kitten is just that bit cuter, better framed, better exposed, or just the right colour fur. So if you are going to submit your photos to a stock agency, put your photographic talent to good use – choose original subjects, compose your photo and expose it well, oh and make sure you tag everything properly based on what is shown in the photo, not what the photo means to you. Do this not just so you sell more photos, but also for the poor stock photo editors who have to review every photo submitted. Mmm… sunsets.

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