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Adobe Release Lightroom 2.0 (UPDATE: Some issues!)

Posted by Matt on July 30th, 2008 filed in Digital Photography Hints & Tips, News, Photo Software, Photo Workflow

UPDATE 2008-09-11: As of this time there have been some serious performance issues observed with the first release of Lightroom 2.0. Mostly these are extreme slow downs with large-ish catalogs as the software struggles to get out of its own way working with large numbers of photos (1000s+). A lot of professional photographers are advocating sticking with Lightroom 1.4.1 until Adobe release a much-improved point release. So I’ve changed my recommendation to a ‘hold’ for now. More info when a new release arrives.

Adobe have just announced that the latest version of their photo workflow software, Lightroom, is now available. Lightroom 2.0 extends the well established cataloging and processing package with key features such as multiple monitor support, extended memory addressing (for those of us with over 4Gb RAM), more targeted dodging/burning and increased ability to export to online photo sharing apps such as Flickr. None of this is world shattering, however it all adds up to a slicker, more compete product that the original. Plus the new version has been in open Beta for a while now, so you can expect most of the major bugs to be gone.

A while back I compared both Aperture and Lightroom’s capabilities, and found that both offer an unsurprisingly similar range of features since they target the same group of users (professional and aspiring professional photographers with a huge photo library that use a lot of RAW). Ultimately I found Lightroom to be my product of choice, although it’s lack of multiple monitor support was my biggest frustration. Aperture’s biggest failure is that it is only available for Apple OS X, so Windows users are out of luck. As a split Mac/PC user this was a stopping point for me. So having decided to purchase Lightroom I was pulled up short when I found the 2.0 Beta had been started, indicating an imminent new product launch. My choice was then to buy Lightroom 1.0 for $299, and then pay an unspecified upgrade price (turns out it was $99 as I thought it would be) when 2.0 hit the stores – there was no sensible decrease in Lightroom’s price prior to this upgrade (silly Adobe). So instead I got a shared beta licence from a friend and have been using the Beta 2.0 since then. Now it’s time to splash the cash on my own copy – finally.

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