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Photosynth out of Beta

Posted by Matt on September 1st, 2008 filed in Digital Photography Hints & Tips, News, Photo Manipulation


Photosynth, Microsoft’s revolutionary piece of software for making ‘3D’ style images out of flat photos, is now up and ready for use. Photosynth works by taking a set of images of the same thing – a place or object – and using pattern matching to work out corresponding areas on overlapping photos. This process is automatic, and once completed it means you can navigate in ‘3D’ around the constructed image. It’s certainly a step on from the usual panoramic stitching software we’re all used to.

Of course one issue… Microsoft being Microsoft and all, this only works on PCs right now so Mac users will have to wait a bit. On a positive note though, Photosynth works on the Firefox browser, not just IE, which is a big step for Microsoft.

2 Responses to “Photosynth out of Beta”

  1. puzz Says:

    What do you mean with “not use IE” – that Photosynth is not available for IE?

    Anyway, thnak for your article and the screenshot. I’m on linux so I can’t try it myself ;(

  2. Matt Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Puzz. It was a typo which I’ve now corrected. What I wanted to say was that Photosynth works on Firefox as well as Internet Explorer, but only on PC for now.

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