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Canon SLR Dust Prevention (EOS Integrated Cleaning System)

Posted by Matt on September 4th, 2008 filed in Camera Care, Digital Photography Hints & Tips, News

For those of you using digital SLRs, you’re probably already aware of the problem of dust spots on your photos. Simply put, this is where dust gets onto your camera CCD (the sensor that takes the photo) causing spots to appear on your photos – especially when you take long exposures. This dust normally enters the camera when changing lenses, hence why SLR cameras are more affected than sealed, single lens units, but on a positive note with an SLR you can always clean the sensor yourself.

Now Canon have released some improvements to their latest cameras, such as the recently released Canon 40D. This set of improvements is shown in the handy video below, just don’t expect the dramatic car chase you might expect from the strange choice of background music:

For those of you with no time on your hands the brief summary of changes is:

  1. Prevent Dust Generation: By using specific, high quality components in the lens tube – dust generation from outside and inside the lens is reduced.
  2. Prevent Dust from Sticking: Use of an anti-static layer on the sensor makes it harder for dust to stick to the CCD.
  3. Remove Stuck Dust: New sensors incorporate a ‘self cleaning sensor unit’ that, basically, vibrates very rapidly to shake the dust off. Simple.

Sounds like fun. I might just have to head out and buy a new Canon 40D to check it out in the real world {:)

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One Response to “Canon SLR Dust Prevention (EOS Integrated Cleaning System)”

  1. Adam Parker Says:

    Canon has done some good stuff to reduce the impact of dust on shots. I can’t wait to pick up my 5D mk ii and get some integrated sensor cleaning.

    I wrote up a review of some sensor dust solutions and compensations on my blog, but this is a great summary of what canon is doing specifically. Thanks for the post.

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