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Sad News: JPG Mag Closes its Doors

Posted by Matt on January 2nd, 2009 filed in News


As the global recession trundles on into 2009 we’re seeing more and more companies unable to make ends meet – and although most of those are financial, housing related or retail, sometimes they impact us photographers more. Unfortunately one of these has already happened – JPG Mag, has decided to close its doors as of Monday 5th January. JPG mag was a wonderful web based magazine that let photographers upload their favourite images based around a monthly theme, then site visitors would vote on the best photos which would then make it into the print magazine. A great concept, but unfortunately they’ve not been able to make the figures work in the down-turn. Good luck in the future guys. Oh, and if you’re quick you can download free PDFs of many of the magazines to see some of the stunning photos they printed.

On the positive side, this season’s sales have been epic to say the least. So pull together your camera wish list, count your pennies and head out into the melee to see what deals you can get. Or if that seems like a bit too much money to spend right now, take solace in the fact that digital photography is one of the cheapest ways to entertain yourselves and your friends there is that still involves being creative rather than sitting glued to the TV. Get on out there, take some wonderful pictures. Say ‘cheese’, everyone! And a Happy New Year to all from Digital Photography Hints.

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