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London Police Told to ‘Back Off’ Photographers

Posted by Matt on July 8th, 2009 filed in News, Photographers Rights, Urban Photography

We’ve posted a few times recently on the worrying trend of the British police to stop and allegedly harass photographers as they go around doing what they enjoy doing. It’s one of those aspects of modern society that hasn’t gone down too well with many people – especially photographers! The belief that shouting ‘terrorist!’ at someone gives you the right to negate their rights is one that we should all stand up against. And thankfully now the London Met has decided to listen.

New guidelines have been released by the London Met informing their officers that photographers are not to be treated as terrorists unless there is reasonable suspicion. This means no more stopping people who are out and about photographing random things, as many of us photographers are wont to do as we’re a strange bunch. Not only do the guidelines stress the importance of not abusing terrorism related powers, they also advise on how to work with the media during normal day to day police activities, including the advice to set up vantage points for media as soon as is possible. All good stuff, and we should raise a cheer of thanks to those who have worked tirelessly to ensure our rights as photographers. Huhrah! [From The Register]

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