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Canon Announce G11 and PowerShot S90

Posted by Matt on August 19th, 2009 filed in Camera Reviews, Digital Photography Hints & Tips, News

Canon have made a couple of announcements in their small digital camera range – an update to the Canon G-Series, the G11, and the firing up of the S-Series again after a haitus of 3 years with the new Canon Powershot S90.

Canon G11

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a huge fan of Canon cameras. They have consistently introduced feature sets and cameras that most photographers fall over themselves to own for very different reasons. Their latest prosumer SLR, the Canon 5D Mk II is an example of that customer focus – a camera released last year that even now, six months in, is harder to buy than gold dust from the huge demand.

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Canon Powershot S90

Canon cameras put controls where you need them – in your hands rather than hidden away in menus – and the S90 has a great new take on this, a function control ring built right around the lens. This ring works in tandem with a button on top of the camera to control what you’re selecting – ISO, aperture and so on. A great ‘new’ idea that harks back to the good old days of film cameras and takes it somewhere modern. I’m very excited to try this camera, not only for the ring, but also because it’s a smaller body than the G-series which can be a pain when taken out and about – but generally takes good pictures when you have it with you, such as my recent foray to a Pearl Jam gig where Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones turned up. I was a fan of the S-series up to the S80 before my move to the G-series for that ease of pocketability, so fingers crossed the S90 lives up to the hype.

You can find some first impressions of the S90 over at DPReview.

As to the G11, initial feedback is a bit more muted. Both the G11 and S90 have an improved Digic sensor that works hard to reduce noise on higher ISOs – a big issue on my Canon G7 and a pain as I shoot a lot of low light photos. However the G-series has reverted to a flip-screen, which some people are fans of for when they hold their camera up in the air and so on, but I feel just adds more bulk to a camera that doesn’t lack for it. The construction is still sturdy metal and industry professionals are singing its praises but even they say “it’s important to have a compact camera in my bad” rather than ‘in my pocket’. However the control and features of the G11 will likely keep its legion of prosumer fans – as long as the noise reduction meets its promises.

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