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Tip: How to remove a GoPro battery

Posted by Matt on November 22nd, 2012 filed in Handy Hints

The GoPro cameras are a great invention, opening up whole new areas of outdoor photography for activities enthusiasts. Like all technology though they have their foibles, and removing the battery is a bit of a pain! Most suggestions on the internet talk to how to prepare your battery to get it out easily – either by attaching a small piece of electrical tape at the back end as a tab, or laying a piece of ribbon underneath across the middle – both seem to work – but what if you’re a newbie who just put the battery in straight away?

The official solution is to ‘pinch the sides of the battery and pull out – this is great if you have superhuman pinching strength, which apparently I don’t. What worked for me was to get a rubberised flat surface – dry washing gloves work a treat, though I used a rubberised edge to a diving shirt which is more likely to hand if you dive – making sure it’s dry (this is electricity) wrap the rubberised side across the battery and pinch through the rubber to get much stronger grip on the battery – then pull up. The battery is now easily removed and you can apply some of the preventative measures suggested earlier.

As an aside, this tip was adapted from one learnt years ago for opening tightly closed jars. You can even buy special rubber jar opening grips which are always handy to keep in the kitchen drawer 😉

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